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Marine Infographic Heading

Fraser Coast Marine Life Infographic

Posted by Fraser Coast Opportunities on 23 September 2014
The Fraser Coast is home to a diverse range of marine life, from humpback whales to dugongs and those in between. This creative infographic will provide you with visual, interesting facts on the amazing animals that can be found on the Fraser Coast, which includes the Great Sandy Strait, Hervey ... Read more

Humpback whales open mouth

Hear the Whales

Posted by Fraser Coast Opportunities on 4 September 2014
Ever wondered about how whales communicate with each other. Whale songs are complex and beautiful to listen to. The Dodo has published a great article with seven different whales singing. Listen to the blue whale, orca, minke, fin whale, gray, sperm and humpback whale sounds. These sounds of the ... Read more

Whale and people

Swim with the Whales

Posted by Fraser Coast Opportunities on 20 August 2014
Swimming with the whales is to start this winter with a select number of Hervey Bay charter operators introducing the experience on a trial basis. It is the first immersive humpback whale opportunity of it's kind. This premium experience offered in Hervey Bay will only increase the regions alr ... Read more

Whales Tale

Whale Poo for a healthy marine ecosystem

Posted by Fraser Coast Opportunities on 12 August 2014
Whale poo has recently been found as a nutrient to the marine ecosystem assisting another marine nutrient Phytoplankton.  Phytoplankton is essential in the marine ecosystem as it is the main food source for marine life. However uneaten Phytoplankton which photosynthesis carbon dioxide eventual ... Read more

Group of paddlers

Calling all Paddlers!

Posted by Fraser Coast Opportunities on 10 July 2014
The call is out for people to take to the water and become a voice for the whales at Paddle Out for Whales next Saturday, 19 July. This year, sporting and community groups are being encouraged to register as a group entry and join in as the Fraser Coast stages Australia’s largest anti-whaling d ... Read more