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World’s best whale watching is guaranteed in Hervey Bay

Posted by Fraser Coast Opportunities on 16 June 2014
“Guaranteed in Hervey Bay” is the tagline for a new $550,000 campaign to position the region as the most unique place to experience the humpback whales along the south east seaboard. The multi-media campaign will promote Hervey Bay as the only place where whale watchers can be guaranteed exce ... Read more

Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere

Posted by Fraser Coast Opportunities on 28 May 2014
Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere has applied for membership of the Marine Discovery Centres Australia Group and is hoping to further develop it’s Educational activities to meet the curriculum needs of Schools in the area and further afield. ... Read more

Humpback whale subspecies revealed by genetic study

Posted by Fraser Coast Opportunities on 12 April 2014
A new genetic study has revealed that populations of humpback whales in the oceans of the North Pacific, North Atlantic and Southern Hemisphere are much more distinct from each other than previously thought, and should be recognised as separate subspecies. Understanding how connected these populatio ... Read more

Whales on the move

Posted by Fraser Coast Opportunities on 28 March 2014
Reports are coming in from up and down the East Coast of Australia, of Humpback Whales moving on their annual Northerly migration. Whales have been spotted off Sydney, Port Macquarie, Ballina and Fraser Island, as the whales swim to the far North where they will give birth or mate before returning t ... Read more